A Family Affair

5th December 2017

If motels run in the blood, then perhaps this is why Allen and Melinda Smith found themselves running an Armidale Motel.

In the early 2000’s, Melinda’s parents were getting itchy feet. The call to explore Australia was irresistible and they began actively searching for someone to look after the Westwood Motor Inn for a year while they travelled. Allen and Melinda were open to the idea of taking on this role, so they settled all their business in Newcastle, packed up their belongings, checked their girls into excellent Armidale schools and moved in to a whole new life at Westwood Motor Inn. When Melinda’s parents returned at the end of 2004, they had made up their minds to offer the management of the motel to Allen and Melinda. “We had no experience in the motel industry,” Melinda said, “But we work well as a team and we have a good work ethic.” Possessing plenty of drive, determination and vision, the pair were ready for this new adventure.

There are not a lot of apartments amongst the array of Armidale accommodation options. Westwood is proud to offer guests their own space, with room for the family when visiting Armidale and surrounds. There is so much to see and do in the region that four days only give a brief overview of what is on offer. As Allen and Melinda settled into their new role as motel owners, they found plenty to do upgrading old appliances, stoves and air con systems, including making sure that heating in all rooms was perfect and ready to make a cosy haven for their guests when Armidale winter is at its chilly best.

As all good motel owners will tell you, it’s the people that make the work all worthwhile. Allen and Melinda enjoy meeting new people and welcoming back loyal customers. They understand the need for keeping up-to-the-minute information close handy for their visitors and pride themselves on running a clean, comfortable and affordable motel. Westwood Motor Inn is located in the heart of Armidale, yet up and away from the hub of business traffic. A home away from home awaits you at Westwood Motor Inn Armidale.